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Gizmo64 LTS

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Try before you buy: download a copy of Gimzo64-LTS here.


Please email br@x-plugins.com if you need help or have any questions.

You can also reach me on twitter at: https://twitter.com/xplugins

What does the Serial Number do?:

The fully functional plugin now contains a nag dialog.

To remove the nag page purchase a copy of the plugin and you will receive a serial number.

  • Your serial number is NOT machine-id locked.
  • You can use the serial number as many times as you like.

Why do I have to buy a serial number? I'm just one guy making niche software.

This update is not required. I'm offering you a convenience and improvement.

Gizmo64 LTS is the "sunset" update for the X-Plane Gizmo64 plugin.

X-Aviation are pursuing a different technology path for their products in the future.

This plugin is compatible with X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12.

This plugin will hopefully be a drop-in replacement for the version X-Aviation is currently shipping but it has NOT been tested with IXEG Classic Plus or the DC3 version 2.

This plugin should work correctly with X-Aviations other offerings like the CL650, etc.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Apple Silicon (ARM) support for macOS.
  • Fixed imgui assert bug.
  • Fixed heavy CPU usage or frame drops. (common with CL650 users.)
  • Fixed "compare number to nil" bug when using Gizmo for offline play.
  • Fixed X-Aviation license activation window hidden when using multi-monitor setups.

You should create a backup copy of your existing Gizmo64.plugin before installing this version.


  • Download the latest Zip file from this site.
  • Copy it to X-Plane/Resources/plugins/
  • Rename your existing Gizmo64.plugin to backup_Gizmo64.plugin
  • Delete X-Aviation.plugin if you have it.
  • Unzip the file you downloaded from this site into the X-Plane plugins folder.
  • You should have a new X-Plane/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin folder now.
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No refunds if serial number used.

Try before you buy is encouraged. A free download link provided.

The product is fully functional without using the gumroad serial number.

Buying a serial number removes the Nag GUI page.

Any purchased serial number will be void if refunded or charge-backed.

Last updated May 13, 2024

A plugin for the X-Plane flight simulator.

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Gizmo64 LTS

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